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iAssociate v1.5 submitted & approved

by edi on Feb.11, 2010, under iPhone development

After a way too long time of inactivity I finally got iAssociate v1.5 ready and submitted (and now already approved) this week. The biggest change from v1.4 to v1.5 is that I rewrote a large part of the code behind the game, so that it’s structured in a more dynamic way, meaning faster startup times & less memory usage => easier to add more levels in the future without affecting the performance of the game.

One other nice feature of v1.5 is that I from now on allow multiple ways to spell certain words, so that you no longer will have to struggle the the special letters, such as ü or ö, from now on you could in those cases just enter u or o and they’d be accepted in the same way as ü or ö.

And finally, v1.5 includes of course one new level. It’s the last level that was in Mercury Mind (which no longer is for sale). It’s been slightly modified from it’s Mercury Mind days, I guess it’s about 30% larger than it was in Mercury Mind, or something like that anyway.

Anyway, more levels are now on the way and with Apples speedy review times right now I guess it’s more than likely that you’ll see a new one still before the month is over!

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