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by edi on Sep.03, 2011, under Personal, TicBits

A lot of people, including me, seem to be of the kind that have a problem saying No, making tough calls when they are needed. Most people always try to please each other, promising to do stuff when asked for, never trying to disappoint other people. For some reason saying No to someone, no matter what the reason is, is a hard thing to do. So, sometimes instead of immediately saying No, we just extend the inevitable, saying Yes, sure I’ll do that, only to later realize that there’s no way you can fulfill that promise.

In business this kind of behavior ultimately leads to failure, as sooner or later, something will come up that will require a tough decisions, a decisions where you cannot exactly predict where each choice will lead and which path leads to success. In these places, all you can do is trust your own instinct and your own ideas, and, if that means making a decision that might make other people unhappy then so be it. Ultimately, you answer to yourself, and if you compromise your own thoughts and ideas then there isn’t much left to work for.

I must say, that this past time at TicBits has taught me a great deal about these kind of things, we’ve been faced with some places where hard decisions have been required, without us having all the information at hand to know exactly where each choice will lead. The only thing we’ve had is our own vision and thoughts, and I’m really happy that we’ve been able to follow that, even though it’s meant saying No on a few instances.

And now, after these decisions have been made everything seems so much clearer. I believe that we’re on the right path for building TicBits into something even bigger, the future seems incredibly bright and we’ve got everything it takes to bring TicBits to the next level!

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