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by edi on Sep.03, 2011, under Personal, TicBits

A lot of people, including me, seem to be of the kind that have a problem saying No, making tough calls when they are needed. Most people always try to please each other, promising to do stuff when asked for, never trying to disappoint other people. For some reason saying No to someone, no matter what the reason is, is a hard thing to do. So, sometimes instead of immediately saying No, we just extend the inevitable, saying Yes, sure I’ll do that, only to later realize that there’s no way you can fulfill that promise.

In business this kind of behavior ultimately leads to failure, as sooner or later, something will come up that will require a tough decisions, a decisions where you cannot exactly predict where each choice will lead and which path leads to success. In these places, all you can do is trust your own instinct and your own ideas, and, if that means making a decision that might make other people unhappy then so be it. Ultimately, you answer to yourself, and if you compromise your own thoughts and ideas then there isn’t much left to work for.

I must say, that this past time at TicBits has taught me a great deal about these kind of things, we’ve been faced with some places where hard decisions have been required, without us having all the information at hand to know exactly where each choice will lead. The only thing we’ve had is our own vision and thoughts, and I’m really happy that we’ve been able to follow that, even though it’s meant saying No on a few instances.

And now, after these decisions have been made everything seems so much clearer. I believe that we’re on the right path for building TicBits into something even bigger, the future seems incredibly bright and we’ve got everything it takes to bring TicBits to the next level!

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10 Reasons why it kicks ass to have your own company

by edi on Nov.16, 2010, under Personal

TicBits Ltd

As a followup to yesterdays 10 Reasons why it sucks to have your own company here’s my list of 10 reasons why it kicks ass to have your own (game development) company.

The 10 best things, in no particular order:

  1. No more 8 hour workdays =) I’ve managed to switch to 14 hour workdays instead and it kicks ass! (And weekends are nowadays just a myth)
  2. It’s like a hobby, fun as hell! (and just as expensive).
  3. Doing “research” is awesome! Based on the amount of “research” we’ve done you should expect a Star Craft II killer any day now.
  4. GDC in California when the weather  is shitty back here in Finland.
  5. You get to make BIG decisions, like just last week when we were deciding what kind of beer to get for our new fridge. (I now understand why some executives suffer from stress)
  6. You get to do a lot of different things. Business meetings, investor meetings, software development, game design and janitoring.
  7. When something goes wrong and you need to find someone to blame all you need to do is look in the mirror.
  8. People always say that lots of money brings lots of problems. At least that’s one thing we don’t have to worry about, something that should compensate for the stress we get from the BIG decisions.
  9. If you worry about job security this is the dream job.
  10. You get to create these kind of Top 10 lists during working hours.

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10 Reasons why it sucks having your own company

by edi on Nov.15, 2010, under Personal

TicBits LtdIt’s been a bit over a half year now since TicBits Ltd was founded and I thought I’d share some thoughts on how it’s been, switching from a steady paycheck to a more uncertain future. I thought that it’d be best to get the negative things over with so I’ll publish them now and tomorrow publish the positive things.

The 10 worst things that I’ve noticed so far, in no particular order:

  1. It’s really hard to “steal” office supplies when you already own everything in the company.
  2. Long washroom breaks can no longer be considered as beating the system.
  3. Hard to bitch about management, at least behind their backs.
  4. I can no longer relate to Dilbert.
  5. Since our company doesn’t have a large enough budget we’ve been unable to hire consultants to tell us what our company values should be. It makes me feel lost and incomplete.
  6. Now that I don’t get an annual development discussion I won’t be able to develop my skills anymore. (A raise might also be hard to come by as I have a feeling that performance reviews are also out of the question)
  7. No more pointless meetings means no more time to hone up on my iPhone gaming skills.
  8. No more “fun” and “interesting” company Xmas gifts, bye bye food baskets, scarves and wine bottles, you will be missed.
  9. There’s no longer development cycles where most projects are missing specs. Instead it’s now more consistent with all projects missing specs.
  10. Hmm, I can’t think of anything else, so I guess there’s only 9 bad things. But anyway, don’t say you haven’t been warned of the horrors of having your own company!

Update: The second part has now been published 10 Reasons why it kicks ass to have your own company

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by edi on Jul.22, 2010, under Personal, iPhone development

Freedom, the chance to do whatever you want, whenever you want.

Still some months ago that concept would have been quite unfamiliar to me. Sure, during my free time I could do whatever I wanted, but, as most of the week was occupied by work (in average like 10 hours a day if you count the time I spent commuting) I still felt like I was trapped, working for someone else, fulfilling someone else’s dream, without much chance to realize myself and without any chance of learning totally new technologies, ie, no chance to do something fun.

Work had become routine. Boring. Meaningless.

However, in my head I still thought that work should be something that you do because it’s fun, not just because you get a salary. It should be something you do and can be proud about, something that you’d want to tell others, something that’d actually give back more than it takes away.

Together with those ideas I had also for a long time dreamt about having a company of my own, a company where I could realize my own ideas and where everything I did, both good or bad, directly would show up in either happy, or not so happy, customers. But, however, due to the laziness of human nature nothing had so far come of this, instead I was settling for a regular income with regular working hours, I was caught.

Luckily though, I wasn’t the only one thinking of founding a company, my cousin had also been thinking about it for a long time, so when a good opportunity came in April, to get some initial marketing effort for an iPhone game, we decided in the course of less than a week, to actually do something, to stop talking, planning and dreaming of things that could be and instead just do them and see what will be.

So, we founded TicBits Ltd (TicBits Ab / TicBits Oy).

TicBits Ltd was founded on April 12th 2010, and our registration was officially approved on April 23rd. Since then we’ve been working full speed, first releasing iAssociate 2 on May 21st, after which we’ve been busy creating more content for it as well as working on our other ideas. (More about those later on, cool things are on their way, trust me! =))

Anyway, as TicBits Ltd was founded I felt that this was it, this is the dream coming true, a chance to get a taste of freedom, to get rid of the boring routine of working nine to five, with the same projects over and over again. And, as I write this, that freedom is now just around the corner. For the last few weeks I’ve already been on vacation (ie, working on TicBits stuff =)), and after my vacation is over I’ve only got a few days left at the old office after which I’m finally free!

Ever since TicBits Ltd was founded I’ve split my time between TicBits and my old employer, so that I’d work a couple of weeks with TicBits stuff after which I’d be at the office for a couple of weeks. Those weeks that I’ve spent working with TicBits have been the best of my life. Sure, my working hours have probably been twice the amount I’d put in at the office, but never has it felt tiring, never has it felt as if I wouldn’t want to do it. It’s been fun since day one, and it just keeps getting better all the time!

Nothing beats the feeling of going out for a long lunch, without having to look at what the time is, without having to care about when to get back or how long you can stay. Or taking a break at say 10 in the evening, just to go downtown to a patio for a beer, to get a chance to clear the head a bit before then returning back to work.

So, for those of you out there dreaming I can just say, the sooner you start turning your dreams into reality the better. Don’t waste your lives working with something you don’t believe in, money isn’t everything, fun and freedom are worth so much more! Believe in yourself and soon the world will follow… =)

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Now on Twitter

by edi on Sep.09, 2009, under Personal

If anyone out there is interested in catching the latest news related to my games on twitter then you can find me at edilator @

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