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by edi on Nov.27, 2009, under iPhone development

Just a quick update to those of you who are following my progress in the App Store.

Quickly said, things are going great. As I posted my previous post here, regarding the possibility of making money on the App Store, I was just seeing the beginning of my climb up the rankings (and climb in sales). As things now have moved along for almost two weeks the direction has been UP.

I’ve seen both the free version downloads and sales slowly climb, so that pretty much every day is a new record in terms of sales and downloads. Thanks to that I’ve also managed to rise in the rankings a bit, I actually just made it into the 3rd spot in the Word Game category in the US App Store, something I’m really proud of, considering that the number one spot is occupied by a game “some of you” might know, Scrabble… (That brand might just be a little bit bigger than the one I’m building with iAssociate and Associate This ;) ).

But no matter what, I do think I’ve got all the possibilities in the world to make iAssociate #1. The feedback I’m constantly getting is that people are loving the game, everyone is pretty much saying that they really like the game and the fact that it makes them think. So based on this I do believe that there is a really good chance to actually make something bigger out of this, something that will have a lasting appeal. And who knows, maybe iAssociate will one day be a household name, something that people come to associate to word association games. I do feel that the brand iAssociate is the ultimate name for these kind of games, especially on the iPhone. Also, Associate This is also pretty good in my opinion, I really like the way that name works together with theme levels, telling you immediately what the game is all about. =))

So, all in all, things are constantly moving forward, who knows, with some luck I might even manage to get some more publicity for this game, or the story behind it, one day, at least the review Erica Sadun wrote was a really good step in that direction, showing that it is possible even as a single developer to get some attention for your games.

If anyone out there is interesting in the full story behind iAssociate, please contact me, I’d be more than happy to share my thoughts behind it, how everything has started out from 0 and gone to pretty much 100 now during the last year.

Thanks to all of you who’ve made this possible!!!

P.S. I’ve recently created a Facebook page for iAssociate, if you want to keep track of the latest news then feel free to join it, you can find it here:

P.P.S The service provider for my server had some downtime today, the first I’ve experienced so far. They were down for almost two hours, so if you experienced any problems either accessing my pages or submitting your scores earlier in the evening then that was because of that. Hopefully that won’t happen again…

P.P.P.S More levels are on their way, not sure yet when they’ll be out though… in the meantime, if someone hasn’t tried to Movies or Girls levels in the form that they are found in the free Associate This version then feel free to try them out. Also, for those levels ANY comments on how to improve them would be greatly appreciated, as I intend to release them in iAssociate at some point. (Of those the Girls levels will require a lot of work until I’m happy enough to include it to iAssociate…) Anyway, these levels can be found here :

Associate This: Movies
Associate This: Girls

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  • Michelle whitley

    Love the game and finished it. When will the Girl, and Movies be on iassociate

  • Martin

    Well, good to hear that other lone developers are doing good on the App Store. I’m actually in the process of finishing my 2nd app, well in fact is a game and I’m researching (again) about marketing, publicity and this is encouraging.
    So, did you get to the point where you are thinking on quitting your day job? :)
    How many downloads you get when you hit the TOP100 theses days?

  • Jill

    I purchased your game on my iphone, and I am having a blast with it. It takes me hours to complete a level, but I’m enjoying it.
    I’m having one small problem with your Movie Genre level. Between Comedy, gay, fashion, fashion week and Milan, I know the answer is Bruno. However, the game is not recognizing it as a correct answer. It is the only answer I have left in order to go to the next level. It may be that I need to put in Bruno with two dots over the U, but my phone doesn’t work that way. Please advise me what I can do. By the way, I have the paid version.


  • edi

    As stated in the FAQ, you can enter the ü by keeping the U letter pressed for a while. If you do that then you’ll get a popup from where you can choose the ü.

  • edi

    Hitting the Top 100 Games list hasn’t actually boosted my downloads that much, as far as I can see, no spike or anything for entering that list. So, for me the most important lists right now are still the Puzzle (and Word games to a lesser extent) Top 100s, that’s where I assume I get the most attention from just by looking at the number of downloads per day compared to my rankings.

  • edi

    Well, I do have versions of those two levels ready, of the girl level I have a version which is over twice it’s size and of the Movies I have a 40% bigger version, but the release of those is still unclear, I at least think that the Girl level requires more work before it can be released.

    However, I also have other levels ready for release, and some new level should make it’s way into the game still before Xmas, with more to follow after that (I’m trying to rewrite the code right now so that it’d support new levels in a much easier & faster way…)

  • mike

    Hey, I’ve played iassociate many times, but don’t own an iphone. Is there anyway you can get the app on google’s android network so non-at&t customers can buy it?

  • edi

    Not yet but sometime in the near future there might be an update to this situation…

  • Dwilco

    Though I’m having a lot of fun with this app, I find it a bit frustrating that entries need to be perfect. Such as having to type every word in an answer each time you guess even if you’ve gotten part of it already. Also the punctuation, as was mentioned earlier with the ‘Bruno’ reference. These puzzles can be really challenging, it would be nice if there was some sort of hints if you get really stuck.

  • edi

    I’m working on a hint feature for a future update of the game.

    Right now I sadly have chosen to enfore the re-typing, as if I’d autofill the already correct part of a word then that would mean that you could guess your way through the whole game, just entering one letter at a time until you either figure out the rest or solve the whole word. So to reduce the temptation for that and to encourage people to figure out the associations before they enter them the system is as it is.

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