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FAQ – iAssociate and Associate This

For those of you looking for help for iAssociate or the free Associate This games look no further. If something is missing from this list then please email me and I’ll do the best I can to help. If you are completely stuck and desperately need some help then email me, I’ll try not to publish too many direct hints on these pages.

1. I’m stuck, I can’t figure out any words

A general tip for all of you who are stuck and can’t figure out some words, try entering just some random letters, A, B, C, etc, in a node that leads to a lot of empty nodes. That way your guess will be matched against all those nodes, and if you happen to guess the first letter of a word correctly then that will be revealed and this might allow you to figure out the rest.

2. I can’t type in Brüno, it only accepts Br.

To enter Brüno as a guess you have to use the german ü, not the regular u. This can be done by keeping the U letter pressed for a while, so that a popup menu appears from where you can choose the ü.

This same advice also applies to another word in the game, where you will have to use the letter ü and ö.

3. How do I reset the game?

The only way to start the game from scratch is by first un-installing it and then re-installing it. This can be done by keeping the Home button pressed for a while so that the screen starts to shake and you see the X appear over your apps. Simply press the X found over iAssociate and delete the game. After that synch your iPhone again and your game will be re-installed.

4. I don’t know the answer to one of the Bonus questions.

Sorry, you’re out of luck then. If you want to, you can try emailing me and I might give you a hint. But I’ve meant these bonus questions to be more difficult, to be something that not everyone would be able to solve just like that, so please bear with me if I don’t post too many hints about them.

Something missing ? Email me your question and I’ll try to answer it the best I can

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