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iAssociate – v1.2 is on the way

by edi on Jul.13, 2009, under iPhone development

Just a quick post to let you know that v1.2 of iAssociate is on it’s way. I hope that by the end of next week the update will be submitted (with luck already by the middle of the week). The update will include a new level as well as a new feature to the game, which will be used to award medals according to your progress, so that achieving a full 100% completion rate of the whole game would hopefully be a bit harder. 3 of you out there have actually already managed to do that for v1.1, and, actually, when the v1.1 update came out, by the time I woke up in the morning (Finnish time) to see that I had received an email from Apple saying that v1.1 was now approved, the first of you, KJ, had already completed the level to 100%. (And yes, I think that’s fast, as I do believe that all the associations in that level aren’t that easy!!)

Anyway, I would really appreciate it if those of you who play this game would write me back, either by email or through the comments on these pages, to let me know what you think of the game, or if you have any ideas or suggestions for improvements. Also, if you do think this game is worthy a review on the App Store, feel free to post one, I could do with any help I can get to market this game =)



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  • brian

    just finished iAssociate last night. Had a great time with it. Really looking forward to seeing more levels of varying difficulty added. Thanks for a fun app.

  • devini

    Need help with two words in Out of the Blue:
    P—- ——— (4+9)
    and P—- ———– (4+11)
    Fighter aircraft & Aircraft

  • devini

    Great game awaiting the update. Forget my previous question I found the answers. Proper names by the way can make this game difficult especially for those of us unfamiliar with WW2 aircraft names. Anyway, do one on literature or philosophy. Keep up the good work.

  • edi

    Yeah, I know that some associations, especially those two you mentioned can be really hard, but I’ve introduced some of these intentionally, to make the game a bit harder for those of you out there aiming for that perfect 100% on every level. Anyway, a new update is on it’s way, with another new level… =)

  • David Harmon

    The level that came with the update seems to have an error in it. There is a word, starts with Br—, I figure it must be Bruno but that word isn’t accepted. And any letter/number/special character I try after Br isn’t accepted either. It’s associated words are “—”(Words removed by edi so that they wouldn’t be spoilers for others). Have you had other comments re: this issue?

  • Matt

    I just want to say that I am addicted to this game! I am close to finishing, but am worried to do so because I won’t know what to play after I’m done with all the levels. Thanks for really stepping up the difficulty in the last couple of levels. Although it makes it frustrating at times, I like the challenge.

    Great app! Keep the updates and new games coming!

  • edi

    I’ve created a post regarding this, the correct spelling is by using ΓΌ instead of u

  • Sue

    I love this game!
    I’ve just completed iassociates 2 and loved the new improvements made.
    My only concern, is the game is very much for the American market. American tv shows etc.

  • edi

    Our goal is to bring out levels which would appear to other markets as well, stay tuned, more levels on their way real soon (The first batch already submitted to Apple for review)

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