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iAssociate v1.3 submitted, a new level is on it’s way!

by edi on Sep.24, 2009, under iPhone development

I tried to submit a new update to iAssociate already yesterday, but since iTunesConnect was down until this evening I wasn’t able to do it until now.

Anyway, v.1.3 is finally under review by Apple, hopefully it’ll be ready for release within two weeks so that those of you who have already completed the first 7 levels will get something new to play.

Btw, this new level will have a new unlocking mechanism, it can be unlocked simply by submitting a highscore. This means that this level can be unlocked immediately, without completing anything on any other level, simply by just entering a name and submitting your current score. The reason behind this is that I’d like to see more of you people submitting your scores, so that there’d be a bigger challenge for the rest of the players, more people to overtake in the rankings and a higher sense of achievement for reaching the Top 10 in the rankings.

Anyway, I hope all of you playing iAssociate and Mercury Mind are enjoying the games, rest assured that even more levels are on the way after this one!


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  • Jessie

    Dear Mr. Wahrman,
    I can not unlock the last level of iassociate. I put my name in where it say, click submit and it says “there is a problem with the network connection”. Am I suppose to submit my name on-line somewhere? Or on this site somewhere?

    Thanks for your help


  • Chad

    I have a suggestion to redisplay partially completed text when a word is selected and not yet complete. It gets old retyping the text which has already been guessed correctly just because you mispelled or mistyped a word. This feature would go away once the word/phrase was complete so you could guess the linked words without having to delete the existing text.

    Also, what is the difference in your two apps? They seem like the same thing.

  • edi

    You need to be connected to the internet when doing it, so if you are using an iPod then make sure you are connected through a wireless network. If this fails then that level is also unlocked if you get a high enough score, that limit is now set at 74000 (Which with the current levels is really high, but a new level should be on it’s way soon, so after that that 74000 limit should be more doable I hope)

  • edi

    The reason I haven’t implemented this feature is that it would make it too easy to cheat, as you could then just keep guessing every word real easy by just going through the alphabet one letter at a time. I have been trying to figure a way to solve this though, as I do realize that it’s really frustrating to have to type in the whole phrase again if you make a minor typo at the end.

    iAssociate and Mercury Mind are gameplay wise the same app, iAssociate is the sequel to Mercury Mind, it is improved in all ways (in my opinion) over MM. iAssociate contains the original five levels from MM, except that they have all been reworked, making them all larger (they are in total around 50% larger than in MM). Besides those there are then 3 totally new levels which can’t be found in MM (in MM there is currently only 1 level which is unique to the game). Also, iAssociate offers online highscore rankings as well as a brand new bonus question for each level, features which can’t be found in MM.

    I will support both versions still in the future, but you can expect to see more frequent updates in iAssociate.

  • Jessie

    Dear Mr. Wahrman,
    I do not have a wireless internet to get to the bonus level. All of my levels are complete, except the bonus clues. I have a score of 70900. Would the bonus words put me up to the 74000 limit so I can get to the bonus level? This is driving me nuts, because I love this game.

    Thanks for the help


  • edi

    Yes, getting some of the bonus words correct would get you over that limit. Hopefully you’ll be able to figure a few of them out so that you can do that!

  • Jessie

    Dear Mr. Wahrman,
    I finally made it to the bonus level. Thank you so much for taking time to give advice. Now, get cracking on another sequel to these!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love them.


  • Sally

    Hi, I LOVE this game which I play with my 10 year old son but cannot put an answer to Movie Genres in to complete the level, I know the answer is Bruno but I think its because it has an umlaut over the u but none of iphone’s keypads have this facility, can you help me pleeeeeease?

  • Sally

    Sorry, I’ve just seen the answer further up the page duh!! Great game anyway thanks.

  • isaac

    so what’s the answer to the “Bruno” question, please?

    also, “it’s” is ONLY correct when it is short for “it is.” Not for its other common usage.

    Just want to help you look your best!

  • edi

    No error there, the answer is Brüno and the german ü in it can be entered by keeping the U letter pressed for a while, until you get a popup menu from where you can choose the ü

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