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iPhone development rocks!

by edi on May.24, 2009, under iPhone development

I’ve just had a four day weekend during which I’ve actually managed to get quite a lot of stuff done, both when it comes to iPhone development as well as when it comes to thinking of various future projects that I have in mind. I’ve just got a new app submitted to the App Store an hour ago, I’m trying to re-brand the Mercury Mind game, I’ve just submitted a new version of it which I’ve called iAssociate. Hopefully Apple would approve it, even though it content wise isn’t that different. Game wise it’s a much better version though, it looks much more like a game and it also offers you online high scores, so that you can compete against others as well as keep track of how well you are doing in the game compared to others.

After having been developing and designing this project now almost non-stop over the weekend I can’t say anything except that developing for the iPhone just kicks ass! First of all, game development is a lot of fun, just having an idea an being able to turn it into a game is just awesome. And secondly, developing for the iPhone is so nice and easy, the whole API is really nice and easy to use all most small things, such as adding animations, internet connectivity, etc, can be done just like that without the developer having to worry too much about the technical details.

A few screenshots from iAssociate 1.0


iAssociate 1.0 Level Select

iAssociate 1.0 Level Select

Out of the blue on iAssociate 1.0

Out of the blue on iAssociate 1.0


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  • Jeff

    Hey, I just bought Mercury Mind a few days ago, and I must say that I really enjoy it. Thanks for the game! Now, I just have to finish it…

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