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Mercury Mind Lite sees the light of day

by edi on May.10, 2009, under iPhone development

Mercury Mind Lite was yesterday approved by Apple, late on friday evening I got the mail from Apple saying that it has been approved and is ready for sale =) Overall I’m really happy to have the Lite version out there, and I’m hoping that it will generate at least some additional sales for the full version, as I’m counting on the fact that the idea for the game is good, it’s only a matter of getting people hooked to it =) The only downside to this is that v1.1 of the full version hasn’t been approved so far, so my apologies to any of you out there who get the Lite version and then buy the full version (v1.0), first of all you’ll get a version that has a few bugs, but secondly it will also soon be updated and you will then lose all the words you’ve entered into the mind map so far (because I’ve updated the levels). In future updates I will try not to touch the original levels at all, so that they’ll remain the same then and no save games will be lost. I will however try to add more and more levels in each update, so that there’ll always be a good reason to get the update.

If anyone out there is interested, some stats on my path to riches and glory ;-)

Mercury Mind – 64 sales (12 days in the App Store)
Mercury Mind Lite – 34 “sales” (1 day in the App Store)

Get Mercury Mind: Mercury Mind in iTunes
Get Mercury Mind Lite: Mercury Mind Lite in iTunes 


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