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Mercury Mind Submitted

by edi on Apr.26, 2009, under iPhone development

I’ve finally gotten around to completing my long ongoing project for the Apple iPhone, a game called Mercury Mind. This game has now been submitted to Apple for approval, after which I hope it’ll appear in the iTunes AppStore shortly.

This project was started already about half a year ago, sometime in the fall of last year, when I was inspired by my cousin who published one of his games in the AppStore (check it out at After I saw what he did with that I became really motivated to try something out myself so I decided that the best way to get started with it would be to simply buy a Mac and an iPod Touch so that I could start testing out the platform. 

Getting started with developing for the iPhone was real simple, just install Xcode and the iPhone SDK and everything was set, and in almost no time I was getting familiar with the platform (and Objective-C). The only thing that took some time getting used to was the Objective-C syntax as well as the default keyboard setting on the Mac. But after that was done it was time to get started with coding on a real project and I immediately decided that since this would be my first project for the iPhone and I’d be working on it just myself it’d have to be something that isn’t too large, so that there wouldn’t be any risk of it just being completed halfway and then dropped.

The idea that I decided to stick with was to create a word association game, a game where you start each level with a word or a phrase, and then you have to guess which words or phrases are related to it, so that you’ll in the end have a complete mind map around it. For instance, you could start out with the word Apple, and that in turn could then be related to for instance Fruite, iPhone, The Big Apple, etc.

After deciding that this was it I got to start coding the game engine, which wasn’t technically that big of a deal which meant that I had a prototype up and running in pretty much no time. (Which was were having a real device to test on came real handy, as the initial prototype did work well on the simulator, but on the real device it didn’t function, due to there being a limitation to how big of a UIView you can create). Anyway, after that I started working on the levels, which I initially thought wouldn’t be that big of a task, but in the end they turned out to be much more difficult to make than I had envisioned. The project then pretty much stood still while I was trying to find the time to finalize the levels and in the beginning of April I then finally decided that I absolutely had to get it done now as otherwise this’d just turn into a 90% complete game which never gets published. So I set a personal deadline for April 20th, and decided that I’d devote most of my free time after work and on weekends for fine tuning the game and getting it ready for the review process. And after quite a few long days of level design and some final fine tuning to the game engine I then actually saw the light at the end of the tunnel and sometime after midnight on the 20th of April I finally got it Submitted.

So now I’m just waiting anxiously to hear from Apple if they’ve accepted this or not, hopefully I’ll see it out there now within a week or two =)

A screenshot from the games first level, a few words are already visible, lots more waiting to be uncovered…


Gameplay from level 1

Gameplay from level 1




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