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iAssociate v1.3 submitted, a new level is on it’s way!

by edi on Sep.24, 2009, under iPhone development

I tried to submit a new update to iAssociate already yesterday, but since iTunesConnect was down until this evening I wasn’t able to do it until now.

Anyway, v.1.3 is finally under review by Apple, hopefully it’ll be ready for release within two weeks so that those of you who have already completed the first 7 levels will get something new to play.

Btw, this new level will have a new unlocking mechanism, it can be unlocked simply by submitting a highscore. This means that this level can be unlocked immediately, without completing anything on any other level, simply by just entering a name and submitting your current score. The reason behind this is that I’d like to see more of you people submitting your scores, so that there’d be a bigger challenge for the rest of the players, more people to overtake in the rankings and a higher sense of achievement for reaching the Top 10 in the rankings.

Anyway, I hope all of you playing iAssociate and Mercury Mind are enjoying the games, rest assured that even more levels are on the way after this one!

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Reader ideas for Puzzles wanted – Comment below if you have any

by edi on Sep.16, 2009, under iPhone development

Hey, just thought I’d ask those of you out there who read this blog for some help creating puzzles. If anyone out there feels that they’d have some great ideas of words / phrases around which they’d want to create a puzzle then feel free to drop me a line with some suggestions (email is edi (at), as any help I could get to create more levels would be greatly appreciated both by me as well as by everyone else out there who is playing both Mercury Mind and iAssociate.

Or if you have any quick topics of interest, that you think could make it into the game feel free to add your suggestions as comments below, maybe some other fellow readers will then further comment on associations that could be made around those words.

Anyway, I sadly can’t offer you anything much in reward for these ideas, other than the fact that getting them would mean more levels for all of you out there, which I hope would count for something =)

Thanks a lot in advance for any feedback that I’ll get, I really appreciate you taking the time for this!


P.S A big thanks already to Pontus who already has given me some help with the game, in fact, the latest level, Elements, in Mercury Mind is created by him, and I’ve got another one from him ready to be included in an update now. (This one I think I’ll add to iAssociate)

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Now on Twitter

by edi on Sep.09, 2009, under Personal

If anyone out there is interested in catching the latest news related to my games on twitter then you can find me at edilator @

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iAssociate Hint (ü)

by edi on Sep.01, 2009, under iPhone development

For those of you out there struggling with the latest level in iAssociate, here’s a small hint for you… (I know this might come in handy as I’ve received a bunch of emails regarding it =)). Anyway, the hint is that if you for some reason need to enter the german letter ü then you can do this by keeping the letter U pressed for a while, after which you should be presented with the option of choosing different kinds of U’s, ü being one among them.

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Updates on the way

by edi on Aug.04, 2009, under iPhone development

I’ve finally got updates for both iAssociate and Mercury Mind on the way. They have all been submitted already and are now waiting for approval from Apple. iAssociate v1.2 will bring a new level, as well as a new bonus mode to the game. The bonus mode is enabled once you hit 100% in a level, after that you’ll get an additional challenge that you need to clear if you wish to get a Gold medal for that level (as well as some more points, to boost your rankings on the highscores).

Mercury Mind has also been updated to v1.2, that update also includes a new level (one which isn’t present in iAssociate). That level was designed by a friend of mine, I’ve only made a few minor tweaks to it after that, hopefully you’ll enjoy it! I’ve also gone and tweaked the graphics a bit in MM v1.2, so that they’d be more up to the standards set by iAssociate.

Anyway, more stuff is on the way, I’m working on some other projects as well as these, more info about them sometime later this year… stay tuned!

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by edi on Jul.13, 2009, under iPhone development

Just performing the needed updates for v1.2, which among others include some server side updates. Due to a mistake of my part, I just actually accidentaly temporarily(for around 5 minutes) changed some stuff on the live version instead of the test version, if some of you experienced some problems earlier today then sorry… (I know, from my logs, that at least one user, Mva267 did experience these problems… Sorry!)

Anyway, these problems should not happen in the future, at the same time I made this mistake I also improved the code in the game, so from v1.2 onwards any temporary server issues won’t be a problem.

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iAssociate – v1.2 is on the way

by edi on Jul.13, 2009, under iPhone development

Just a quick post to let you know that v1.2 of iAssociate is on it’s way. I hope that by the end of next week the update will be submitted (with luck already by the middle of the week). The update will include a new level as well as a new feature to the game, which will be used to award medals according to your progress, so that achieving a full 100% completion rate of the whole game would hopefully be a bit harder. 3 of you out there have actually already managed to do that for v1.1, and, actually, when the v1.1 update came out, by the time I woke up in the morning (Finnish time) to see that I had received an email from Apple saying that v1.1 was now approved, the first of you, KJ, had already completed the level to 100%. (And yes, I think that’s fast, as I do believe that all the associations in that level aren’t that easy!!)

Anyway, I would really appreciate it if those of you who play this game would write me back, either by email or through the comments on these pages, to let me know what you think of the game, or if you have any ideas or suggestions for improvements. Also, if you do think this game is worthy a review on the App Store, feel free to post one, I could do with any help I can get to market this game =)


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iAssociate v1.1 just submitted, a new level is on it’s way

by edi on Jul.02, 2009, under iPhone development

Just got v1.1 of iAssociate submitted for review to the App Store. It contains some graphical enhancements over v1.0 as well as a brand new level. The new level is hopefully well appreciated, especially since it can be seen from the high scores that a few of you who’ve bought iAssociate have already completed every level! Anyway, hopefully this new level will keep you busy for a short while again!

Be prepared to wait for it for a while though, it seems that the review process it taking quite a while right now, as when iAssociate was released that took me 3 weeks to get it reviewed, and I’ve also now had iAssociate Lite in the review process for over a week and a half already.

Anyway, my plans for the near future are now to add yet another few levels to iAssociate in the next update, v1.2, which I guess I’ll be submitting for review sometime soon after Apple has approved v1.1. So for those of you who’ve already completed the game, please be patient, more levels are on the way!

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iAssociate released

by edi on Jun.18, 2009, under iPhone development

iAssociate was this night finally released to the App Store. This time the review process actually took a bit longer than with any of the Mercury Mind builds. I originally submitted iAssociate on May 24th, after which I had to do a few re-submissions, as I added a few features and made some small changes to the maps, until I finally on May 28th got the final build submitted. So all in all it took three weeks this time until it was released, which is two weeks longer than with any of the Mercury Mind builds. I guess some of the reasons behind the longer review process could be the WWDC days, and probably more likely the launch of the iPhone OS 3.0, which probably has caused a bit more submissions from people who want to be among the first out there with apps that use the new 3.0 features. (Something I myself also will be adding support for later on, most notably support for downloadable levels, something which I’ve had in mind already for a long time. Hopefully this feature should make it to you sometime during the summer.)

Anyway, back to the game. iAssociate is kind of a re-launch of Mercury Mind. I decided to change the name to something more catchy, something that’d be easy to rememeber while saying what kind of a game it is. And since the iPhone(And Apple products in general) is the platform of the iGames, I pretty much immediately decided that I’d go with iAssociate, since it didn’t seem like anyone had used that name before (for games). And since I was changing the name I decided I’d change the whole look and feel of the game as well, so that it’d look more like a game, instead of the simple static graphics that were in MM.

Besides updating the game visually, the maps have also gotten a big tweak. Despite being the same maps as in Mercury Mind, they are all now much larger. The word count has gone up about 25% in the game, so even if you are one of those who already have MM, I still think that iAssociate is a worthwhile purchase.

Another new feature in iAssociate is that your progress in the game can now be shared with others. I’ve made it possible for you to submit your highscores to my webpages, so that you can see a complete listing of all players who’ve submitted their scores. Also, you’ll also be able to see your status in the game itself. Whenever you submit your scores online, your rank for every level will automatically be updated, so that on the level select screen you’ll see how you’re doing in each level.

The full highscore listings can be found from the link at the top of my page, or from here.

iAssociate Logo

iAssociate Logo

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Why I develop for the iPhone

by edi on Jun.05, 2009, under iPhone development

Ten reasons that I have for developing for the iPhone and not some other platform.

1. I’ve always been a Mac fan, the first computer I had (well, my parents had) was a Macintosh LC, which at that time totally kicked ass (256 colors, built in soundcard, System 7, you name it… =))

2. The iPhone is one of the coolest phones out there, nice and sleek design, plus a UI that you can actually use, unlike some other phones that I’ve had(or have), such as the Nokia 6600 (S60), HTC S710 (Worst phone ever!!!), etc. (Mind though that I’ve had a few good phones as well, the Nokia 7210 (S40) being one of them)

3. The App Store business model sounds to me pretty fair, getting 70% of the proceeds sounds pretty reasonable, considering that Apple takes care of the billing, sales channel, review process, etc, etc… The only thing left for me to do is the coding ;-)

4. You have to use a Mac to develop for the iPhone. Seriously, while some might think this is a bad thing I actually think it’s awesome! As I realize that there must be thousands of developers out there, who all have heard about the various success stories on the App Store, and now have come up with some ideas of their own, this really limits the amount of those who actually end up turning their ideas into products. Which in turn means less competition, and a bigger chance for me to get some publicity for whatever I do. =)

5. One platform! One of the things that was a challenge back when we developed mobile games at SilverBirch Studios, was that there were TONS of different devices out there, which all had different system resources and screen sizes, etc, and all these would have to be taken care of in the code & design of the game. (Worst of all, they even had different API bugs…) Now with the iPhone (and iPod Touch) there is only ONE platform to develop for so you don’t have to create hundres of different SKUs of your game, instead you can just create one build, knowing that it’ll look the same on every device out there. So no need to keep in-house hundreds of different devices and testing the code on all of them.

6. Learning something new. Both Objective-C and the Mac platform are totally new to me, so this is a great opportunity to learn both =) Also, at work I don’t get too many opportunities to learn something totally different, so if it wasn’t for these kind of projects I would be limiting myself to much narrower field.

7. It’s fun!!! It’s really fun to develop products that you’ve thought of, and designed, yourself, as you get too see your ideas come alive and you get to share them with lots of other people out there. It’s been really fun for me to hear back from people who’ve played Mercury Mind, to know that there’s actually some people out there who really like that game (even though most would like more levels =))

8. Money. Even though I can’t say I do this for the money, I still must admit that the thought is there at the back of my head, that if I only could create something that people really would like (and find) then there’s a huge potential out there. It’s kind of like taking part in the lottery, assuming I did come up with something cool and then Apple in turn would lift that up to one of their Featured lists then who knows where that’d lead… =)

9. The dream of making something bigger than just a few random games. To one day be able to launch something bigger than just small one man projects.

10. Because I can ;-)

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