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Reader ideas for Puzzles wanted – Comment below if you have any

by edi on Sep.16, 2009, under iPhone development

Hey, just thought I’d ask those of you out there who read this blog for some help creating puzzles. If anyone out there feels that they’d have some great ideas of words / phrases around which they’d want to create a puzzle then feel free to drop me a line with some suggestions (email is edi (at), as any help I could get to create more levels would be greatly appreciated both by me as well as by everyone else out there who is playing both Mercury Mind and iAssociate.

Or if you have any quick topics of interest, that you think could make it into the game feel free to add your suggestions as comments below, maybe some other fellow readers will then further comment on associations that could be made around those words.

Anyway, I sadly can’t offer you anything much in reward for these ideas, other than the fact that getting them would mean more levels for all of you out there, which I hope would count for something =)

Thanks a lot in advance for any feedback that I’ll get, I really appreciate you taking the time for this!


P.S A big thanks already to Pontus who already has given me some help with the game, in fact, the latest level, Elements, in Mercury Mind is created by him, and I’ve got another one from him ready to be included in an update now. (This one I think I’ll add to iAssociate)

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  • Brooke

    I really really loved this game. I beat all of the level in like three days. Please add some more levels. Some levels that I thought would cool are country stars, rappers, united states, doctor Seuss books, and presidents. Please develop some more levels soon. Tsnoot

  • Chelley

    This is a true I phone-esque game! Kudos to you,I love it!
    A few ideas for new levels could be cycling,ie…lance Armstrong ->tour de France->yellow jersey ->France-wine- grape- fruit-ect… Another level could be cooking related. Anyway thanks for the fun!

  • Zach Stuart

    A level dedicated to computers would be awsome (both hardware and software).
    A level dedicated to the internet would be awesome too (hardware and software).
    Or maybe a level dedicated to both computers and the internet.

  • Geerah

    Would you consider making a computer version of this? I keep have to fight with my boyfriend over his ipod touch to play this!

  • Stephanie

    So, these notes are all from September I have gone thru all of them including the last on my phone elements. Is that it?

  • edi

    In Mercury Mind the last level is currently the Elements one, so if you want new levels fast then I suggest you check out iAssociate. It contains updated versions of the first 5 levels from MM, and after those it has 3 brand new levels (large). And more are on their way to iAssociate as well….

  • edi

    Well, I do consider all options, but right now my time is limited to the support of this current version. However, in the near future you might see something along those lines… (A two player mode, allowing two accounts on one iPhone / iPod is also on it’s way)

  • Joram

    Will elements also come as an extra level on iassociate? Don’t know if it has to do with chemistry, but if it does…you’d make this chemistry student very happy ;)

  • edi

    I actually have been planning on adding levels that entirely would focus on subjects such as physics, chemistry, etc. But no exact release date just yet…

  • Tanner

    You should make an eduction, colleges, countries, cultures or even an astronomy themed!

  • Dee

    Played iassociate on my relative’s iphone and loved it!! It’s great but lots of people don’t have iphones, could you design/market this game for the PC? It would be a big hit.

  • edi

    Yes, more versions will become available later this year =)

  • Gio

    Really love that game. I have a palm now ever consider making it for the Webos? that would be great!!

  • edi

    More versions will be released later this year

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