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iAssociate released

by edi on Jun.18, 2009, under iPhone development

iAssociate was this night finally released to the App Store. This time the review process actually took a bit longer than with any of the Mercury Mind builds. I originally submitted iAssociate on May 24th, after which I had to do a few re-submissions, as I added a few features and made some small changes to the maps, until I finally on May 28th got the final build submitted. So all in all it took three weeks this time until it was released, which is two weeks longer than with any of the Mercury Mind builds. I guess some of the reasons behind the longer review process could be the WWDC days, and probably more likely the launch of the iPhone OS 3.0, which probably has caused a bit more submissions from people who want to be among the first out there with apps that use the new 3.0 features. (Something I myself also will be adding support for later on, most notably support for downloadable levels, something which I’ve had in mind already for a long time. Hopefully this feature should make it to you sometime during the summer.)

Anyway, back to the game. iAssociate is kind of a re-launch of Mercury Mind. I decided to change the name to something more catchy, something that’d be easy to rememeber while saying what kind of a game it is. And since the iPhone(And Apple products in general) is the platform of the iGames, I pretty much immediately decided that I’d go with iAssociate, since it didn’t seem like anyone had used that name before (for games). And since I was changing the name I decided I’d change the whole look and feel of the game as well, so that it’d look more like a game, instead of the simple static graphics that were in MM.

Besides updating the game visually, the maps have also gotten a big tweak. Despite being the same maps as in Mercury Mind, they are all now much larger. The word count has gone up about 25% in the game, so even if you are one of those who already have MM, I still think that iAssociate is a worthwhile purchase.

Another new feature in iAssociate is that your progress in the game can now be shared with others. I’ve made it possible for you to submit your highscores to my webpages, so that you can see a complete listing of all players who’ve submitted their scores. Also, you’ll also be able to see your status in the game itself. Whenever you submit your scores online, your rank for every level will automatically be updated, so that on the level select screen you’ll see how you’re doing in each level.

The full highscore listings can be found from the link at the top of my page, or from here.

iAssociate Logo

iAssociate Logo

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