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Small updates on the way, v1.1.1 just submitted

by edi on May.15, 2009, under iPhone development

This week I’ve tried to post my game to a few review sites, I sent out promo codes to I think almost ten sites and so far the only site which has shown any interest toward my game is The Free App Store Review. I emailed back and forth a few times with Eric March, who’s the co-founder of the site, and he seemed to like the game pretty well, in fact, you can check out his review here: Mercury Mind Review.

He had some good points about the game, that usability wise there is still lots of room for improvement. Some of the things he mentioned were that:

- If you click on multiple words in a row, while the keyboard is visible, the “de-selected” ones will be drawn as blank. – Fixed in 1.1.1
- If you click on a word, which is down on the screen, the keyboard will come up and cover it. – Fixed in 1.1.1
- Problems to figure out that you can click on already visible words if you want to match your answer against every word that is associated from that. This is mentioned in the help, but from what I’ve seen with some friends who’ve playtested this as well, it’s clear that I’ll need a tutorial mode in the game, just something that quickly shows this feature. I’m gonna implement this now in a future release, I didn’t have time to put it into 1.1.1 as I just wanted to get those small fixes out there asap.

Besides the reviews I’ve also tried to post some info about my game to various game & iPhone forums, but so far I must say that getting any kind of publicity for this game seems to be really hard. The competition for attention in the App Store seems to be really high right now(no wonder, with 35 000 apps and counting…), and I have a feeling that if you’re an independent developer, then just having a good application won’t be enough, beside that you’ll still either require some good marketing efforts, or some luck in getting your game posted on the right review sites, so that it would generate a lot of views.

A screenshot of the look of the game in v1.1.1

Surfing the Web, v1.1.1

Surfing the Web, v1.1.1

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