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Updates on the way

by edi on Aug.04, 2009, under iPhone development

I’ve finally got updates for both iAssociate and Mercury Mind on the way. They have all been submitted already and are now waiting for approval from Apple. iAssociate v1.2 will bring a new level, as well as a new bonus mode to the game. The bonus mode is enabled once you hit 100% in a level, after that you’ll get an additional challenge that you need to clear if you wish to get a Gold medal for that level (as well as some more points, to boost your rankings on the highscores).

Mercury Mind has also been updated to v1.2, that update also includes a new level (one which isn’t present in iAssociate). That level was designed by a friend of mine, I’ve only made a few minor tweaks to it after that, hopefully you’ll enjoy it! I’ve also gone and tweaked the graphics a bit in MM v1.2, so that they’d be more up to the standards set by iAssociate.

Anyway, more stuff is on the way, I’m working on some other projects as well as these, more info about them sometime later this year… stay tuned!

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  • Bunny

    The newest update for iAssociate is wonderful and greatly appreciated! Just one error I found: the clue “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” is spelled “MontHy Python and the Holy Grail”. Just a heads up for those that are stuck on this one. Looking forward to future levels!!!

  • edi

    Thanks a lot for letting me know about that! I’ve immediately put through an update which corrects it, v1.2.1 will have the correct spelling of it, my bad that that error slipped through!! (The update is already submitted for review, it should be out in a week or so I hope)

  • Kathy

    I have both IAssociate and Mercury Mind and love them. is there a hint feature when you are just stumped or do I have to continue to go over the same word in my mind for hours on end trying to think of other words to associate with it. Just a little hint would be nice.

  • edi

    Sadly no such feature exists right now, but it is on my list of features that I’m trying to implement so hopefully I’ll be able to get it in in a update sometime in the future

  • CH

    I need lots more new levels. Honestly, I’d pay 99 cents for 5 new levels a WEEK. So keep that in mind. You gave us the crack, now we just need a steady supplier.

  • Daniel

    Hi, I’ve made the update of mercury mind but I can’t find the new level.
    All others are solved … Need more ;-)

    Best regards,

  • edi

    The update which became available yesterday sadly didn’t have a new level, it just contains some other minor enhancements. I will however have a new level available shortly, so hopefully I’ll be able to submit a new level to Apple for review within the next weeks…

  • Daniel

    oh, my fault … next i should have a look at the date of a post before I write a comment :-) … have a nice evening!

    now i’m waiting for the new level ;-)


  • Kovaltchuk


    Absolutely love what you’ve done! Keep em’ coming, I can recommend this to anyone out there. The addiction you develop towards this game is excruciating. Five stars out of five.

  • Wozzie

    Hi, I’m just wondering how your high score ranking works. I finished v1.4 and was ranked number 1 only to find several hours later that my ranking had slipped to number 4. I would have thought the first to submit the completion would remain at level 1

  • edi

    Scores are now sorted in such a way that if two or more have the same score then whoever has the earlier submission date is ranked higher.

  • Doodle

    Love the game! I’m unable to finish “USA” because the answer is obviously “Washington D.C. But it won’t accept the “C.”. I tried everything else- including symbols and foreign “C”‘s. Nothing works. Is this a glitch or can you tell me what I’m missing???

  • Doodle

    How do I get an answer to my question? Is there somewhere else I should send the question?

  • edi

    the answer is “Washington, D.C.”, make sure you type it in exactly like that and it should work

  • edi

    Best way is always to email me directly, or alternatively to check out the facebook fan page and ask some of the people there

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